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Cycloc Endo - Vertical Fold Flat Bicycle Storage

Cycloc Endo - Vertical Fold Flat Bicycle Storage

Cycloc Endo - Vertical Fold Flat Bicycle Storage

The cool new Cycloc Endo vertically hangs a wide variety of bicycles on the wall for space-saving indoor storage and then folds flat when not in use. Perfect for the home, office, garage, or retail location, these simple yet innovative low profile bike holders feature integrated wheel pads to protects walls and hollow hinges that accommodate a conventional bicycle lock. Not only do these hangers keep bikes off the floor when not out riding, they also transform them into cool wall art as well.

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  • Designer: Andrew Lang
  • Hang bicycles vertically
  • Clears up precious floor space and creates a piece of wall art in the process
  • Makes interior bicycle storage simple and attractive
  • Perfect for home, office or retail applications
  • Accommodates a wide variety of bicycles
  • Secure four-point wall mount
  • Design maintains a low profile when not in use
  • Hollow hinge that also allows for storage of a conventional bicycle lock
  • Integrated wheel pad protects walls
  • Made from glass-filled polypropylene
  • Mounting screws included
  • Size: 3.7" W X 1.25" D X 14.3" H
  • Hook opening: 3.37" W
  • Rear wheel pad: 2.7" W X 0.6" D X 7.2" H

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