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ThumbSaver - Magnetized Nail Setter

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ThumbSaver - Magnetized Nail Setter

When you're driving in nails or tapping in small metal fasteners, save your thumbs and the aggravation by using one of these cool new ThumbSavers. This handy magnetized tool holds nails, staples, screws or almost any metal fastener securely in place while you hammer, screw, or staple away. The set includes a large and small ThumbSaver to use depending on the project. Great gift for the DIYer or anyone without a nail gun.


  • Includes two Thumbsavers for larger and smaller fasteners
  • Never hit your thumb again with these gadgets that securely hold a nail, staple, screw or almost any metal fastener in place
  • Strong magnetized handle keeps the fastener steady while you hammer, screw, or staple away

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