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Green Marker - Grass Blade Bookmarks

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Green Marker - Grass Blade Bookmarks

These cool new Green Markers by designer Yuruliku are paper bookmarks from Japan that are crafted to look like grass blades sprouting up from the pages of your books or magazines. For what they are, they're super expensive, but they do come in a set that includes 3 packs with 75 grass bookmarks each in multiple shapes and sizes.


  • Created by Yuruliku and a receiver of a Good Design Award in 2010
  • Set of grass blade-style post-its that can double up as bookmarks
  • Set includes 3 packs each with 75 grass bookmarks
  • Bookmarks come in three different shapes and sizes
  • Material: paper
  • Size: 0.4" x 3.5 - 4.3"

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