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Darth Vader Apron

Darth Vader Apron

Darth Vader Apron

When Darth Vader isn't hunting down the Rebel Alliance, killing pesky Jedi and ruling the entire galaxy, he's a part time chef in the Death Star mess hall. To prevent spills on his cyborg implants and breathing regulator, he typically dons his ancient Sith-issued Darth Vader Apron. He probably won't be very pleased to find out that it was recently stolen by Rebel spies, cloned by the Kaminoans and then the knock-offs were smuggled back to Earth on the Millenium Falcon. The only way you can tell the difference between the fakes and the original, is that these are 100% polyester, one size fits all and contain zero Dark Side. It's the perfect apron to wear when helping your Aunt Beru in the kitchen or while BBQing a delicious Ewok.

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