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Party Plates With Snap Off Utensils

Party Plates With Snap Off Utensils

Party Plates With Snap Off Utensils

These cool new Party Plates With Snap Off Utensils are the ultimate solution for stand around party dining. Simply fill up the plate with food and the utensils are actually attached right to the sides of the plate. A convenient fork, knife and spoon easily detach and are even re-attachable when not in use. The innovations don't stop there though, because you won't need to set your wine glass down while you're eating, because the plate actually features a built-in stemware holder notch on the side as well. It's almost the perfect party dining plate, but it's still missing one essential, the detachable toothpick!

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  • Set of four party plates
  • Perfect solution for holiday parties and other events
  • Convenient fork, knife and spoon detach and are reattachable
  • Slot to hold wine glasses
  • Red plates feature a decorative holiday theme
  • Colors: Red, Black and Clear
  • Size: 10 x 10"

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