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Miniature Tuscan Olive Tree

Miniature Tuscan Olive Tree

Miniature Tuscan Olive Tree

I believe if you have plants in your home or office, they might as well be producing some sort of cool fruit of some kind, unlike the shamefully lazy fern. Well, now you can bring a touch of the Mediterranean into your life with this cool new and eco-friendly Miniature Tuscan Olive Tree. This container tree can be grown indoors by window and likes bright sunlight and moderate temperatures, but it will do even better if placed outside on your patio, balcony or deck. I don't think it will produce enough olives to go into the olive oil business, but it would still be cool to own a little tree that produces delicious gourmet olives. The only drawback is that you'll have to pit it yourself and stuff in your own pimentos.

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  • VeriFlora® certified and grown with the least environmental impact
  • Delicately packaged and shipped with care
  • California Grown
  • Grows best outdoors, on a patio, in bright sun and moderate temperatures
  • Grows indoors displayed near a sunny window
  • Size: 14" - 18" Height x 8" Diameter

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