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Amazing Synchronized Christmas Light & Sound Device - Indoors

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Amazing Synchronized Christmas Light & Sound Device - Indoors

Just like the infamous Mr. Christmas - Outdoors Lights and Sounds of Christmas that let you inexpensively synchronize your outdoor holiday lights to match the rhythm and music of Christmas carols, the cool new Mr. Christmas - Indoor Lights and Sounds of Christmas let's you setup the same amazing animated synchronized holiday spectacle indoors! Simply, plug in your interior holiday lights, trees or other lighted displays into one of the six outlets and stand back and watch in amazement as your living room blooms into a illuminated winter wonderland of synchronized lights and sound. The device turns the outlets on and off in perfect harmony to produce a show built around 20 different pre-programmed Christmas carols playing from a built-in speaker. Although this device doesn't give you the same satisfaction of disrupting the entire neighborhood like the outdoor version, it sure will entertain your guests and liven up a Christmas party.


  • 6 outlets can power up to 2 strands of C-type bulbs, 3 strands of mini bulbs, LED lights or other lighted displays
  • 20 pre-programmed Christmas carols play through a built-in speaker
  • Plays in a random order, or specific carols can be selected at the touch of a button

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