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Sleepy Sleeve - Wearable Arm Pillow

Sleepy Sleeve - Wearable Arm Pillow

Sleepy Sleeve - Wearable Arm Pillow

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Forget dragging around a cumbersome travel pillow everywhere you go or crossing your arms and napping on the back of it without any sort of proper cushioning and check out this cool new Sleepy Sleeve instead. This ultra-portable wearable arm pillow allows you to rest your head on the back of your arm as you snooze away at your desk at work, at your desk in class, at the defendant's table on trial, on the table at a fine restaurant during a bad date, on someone's back while you stand in an endless theme park line, on the tray table of an airplane, or basically anywhere you would normally use the back of your arm to nap on. It features a comfortable memory foam pillow, a one size fits most lycra sleeve, and also doubles as a handy nursing pillow for babies. There's also a headband pillow version available as well for resting your head against things while snoozing away. I'm getting sleepy just writing about this. 🥱

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