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Chef'n Sweet Spot - Instant Rolled Ice Cream Maker

Chef'n Sweet Spot - Instant Rolled Ice Cream Maker

Chef'n Sweet Spot - Instant Rolled Ice Cream Maker

This cool new Chef'n Sweet Spot lets you quickly create homemade ice cream, rolled ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbets, slushies, frozen margaritas, and more with total ease - no rock salt, electricity, or waiting around required. To use, just keep the ice cream making pan in the freezer until you're ready and then take it out, add your ingredients to the inner fast-freeze surface, and then either scoop and turn it to form regular ice cream or use the scraper tool to push through it to create unique rolled ice cream logs. Each use makes around 1-2 healthier homemade servings, so it also enforces better portion control unlike those store-bought pints always tempting you from the freezer. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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  • I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream...
  • Keep the Sweet Spot Ice Cream Maker in your freezer and pull it out when ever you need a homemade frozen treat
  • Try your hand at classic ice cream, rolled ice cream, dairy-free alternatives, frozen yogurt, sorbets, gelato, slushies, frozen margaritas, and much more!
  • No more rock salt, no more waiting, and no more store-bought pints
  • Simply pour mixed ingredients onto the fast-freeze surface pan, then scoop and turn until ice cream is formed
  • Use the scraper to create beautiful, delicious rolled ice cream
  • Fast-freeze technology creates ice cream in minutes
  • Pull it from the freezer, add your ingredients, and make delicious, homemade ice cream, sorbet, or even frosé in mere minutes
  • No electricity needed
  • Comes with two spades and a recipe book
  • Creates 1-2 servings of frozen treats

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