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Volcano Microwave Cleaner

Volcano Microwave Cleaner

Volcano Microwave Cleaner

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As much as we all try to prevent foods from splattering, spilling, bubbling over, and exploding all over the inside of the microwave, it's inevitable. For example, an evil Gremlin during the holidays. Well, forget getting in there and scrubbing and scrubbing at the seemingly permanent caked on grease, grime, and horrifying splatter and simply use this cool new Volcano Microwave Cleaner instead.

Just fill this little volcano with water and vinegar up to the inner markings, place it in your filthy microwave, and microwave it on high for 5-8 minutes. As it heats up, it erupts as a cleansing natural steam that effectively breaks up the mess, making it a breeze to wipe up with a sponge or paper towel afterward. It features a double-walled base to keep it cool on the outside, a wide opening on top for easy filling, and if you add a few drops of lemon essential oil, it releases that great lemony clean scent into your microwave and kitchen. Best of all, there's no pesky magma to clean up afterwards.

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