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Belgian Waffle Bowl Maker

Belgian Waffle Bowl Maker

Belgian Waffle Bowl Maker

This cool new Belgian Waffle Bowl Maker quickly turns ordinary waffle batter into tasty 4 inch waffle bowls that have nearly unlimited filling possibilities. Fill them up with traditional butter and syrup, fresh fruit, ice cream, yogurt, or anything you wish. Not in the mood for waffles? Then use it to make crispy hash brown bowls that you can fill with scrambled eggs and sausage, cookie / brownie bowls that you can fill with ice cream, cornbread bowls, quick bread bowls, and more. It doesn't even need to be a bowl, because you can also squeeze the waffle to make something like a fried chicken and waffle taco. Just pour in the batter, close the lid, and bake up something uniquely awesome for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or late night snack.

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  • Makes a 4 inch Belgian waffle bowl that's thick, fluffy and tender because it's a real waffle
  • Fill it with your favorite toppers: butter and syrup, fresh fruit, ice cream, fried chicken, yogurt, scrambled eggs, sausage, or anything you wish
  • Try using it for hash brown bowls, cookie bowls, brownie bowls, cornbread bowls, and more too
  • Fill with fried chicken for a delicious hand-held chicken waffle taco
  • The filling possibilities are endless!
  • No special batter needed - Use store-bought waffle mixes or homemade - recipes included
  • Make breakfast exciting, dessert extraordinary and take lunch to a new level
  • Simply pour in the waffle batter, close the cover, and bake
  • Nonstick grids for easy waffle bowl removal and fast cleanup

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