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Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses

Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses

Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses


There's one musical instrument that most of us have figured out how to play sitting around at the table after Thanksgiving dinner and that's the simple wine glass. Yep, with a little wine in the glass and a moistened finger running along the rim, anyone can produce crystal clear musical notes directly from the glass. However, unless one has perfect auditory pitch, what notes are they playing?

These cool new Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses are lead-free crystal stemware with musical notes from a full A-major scale sandblasted right along the side. Just fill the glass to the note you wish to play, wet your fingertip, and rub it around the rim to play it. The glasses come in either a set of 2 or a complete party set of 8 if you want all your guests to get into the fun of performing a dinner table concerto playing a full eight-part scale. Check out this video to see the glasses in action. Bravo!

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  • Perform a sweet symphony on your tabletop with these innovative musical wine glasses
  • Turn the sophisticated pleasures of wine drinking into an experience that's musical, memorable, and above all, fun
  • Just fill our goblet to the desired note, and run your moistened finger around the rim of the glass
  • Soon, like a bow on the strings of a violin, your finger will cause the glass to vibrate, and a crystal-clear note will sound
  • With enough glasses, you may be in for a real concerto
  • Each glass accommodates a full A-major scale, with each note labeled with sandblasted fill lines.
  • Capacity: 25 fl oz
  • Material: Lead-free Crystal
  • Fill lines and full underside of glass foot are sandblasted
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Glassware made in Germany, decorated in Reno, Nevada
  • Size: 8.5" H x 4.16" Diameter

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