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Friday The 13th Jason Voorhees Knit Sweater

Friday The 13th Jason Voorhees Knit Sweater

Friday The 13th Jason Voorhees Knit Sweater


While the beautiful baby blue sweater worn by Pamela Voorhees, before she got beheaded, is sort of the pinnacle of fashion in the Friday the 13th movie universe, it doesn't seem all that iconic in the real world. Like no one would ever guess the reference if it was worn as an ugly Christmas sweater. Well, now there's finally a stylish sweater just for the Halloween season that is instantly recognizable, this cool new Friday The 13th Jason Voorhees Knit Sweater.This ugly Halloween sweater is made from 100% acrylic yarn and is adorned with a bloody hockey mask with a machete stabbed through the eye. It's quite festive. Even better, it helps keeps you warm on those chilly nights, especially while you're bleeding out after an unfortunate encounter with Jason Voorhees deep out in the woods. Hockey mask, weapon, and mother's head not included. It also pairs nicely with the equally cool Freddy Krueger Sweater, but be careful because these two tend to fight.

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