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Tecmo Bowl Tribute T-Shirt

Tecmo Bowl Tribute T-Shirt

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Ready! Down! HUT! HUT! HUT! HUT! HUT! HUT! Want to relive one of the most simple and fun to play football video games ever? Then dig out your old Nintendo, grab Tecmo Bowl or Tecmo Super Bowl, blow on the cartridge, and slip on this cool new Tecmo Bowl Tribute T-Shirt. This retro American Apparel Tri-Blend t-shirt has the classic 8-bit Tecmo Bowl helmet printed on the front and no team names of any kind, because that's not how it worked back in late 80s video games. It's also great to wear when playing football in the real world too.

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Tecmo Bowl Tribute T-Shirt
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Tecmo Bowl Tribute T-Shirt
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Tecmo Bowl Tribute T-Shirt
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Tecmo Bowl Tribute T-Shirt
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Tecmo Bowl Tribute T-Shirt
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