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Quirky Terra - Auto-Cooling Carafe

Quirky Terra - Auto-Cooling Carafe

The cool new Quirky Terra is a unique and stylish terra-cotta carafe inspired by traditional Spanish water vessels called Botijos that naturally auto-cool liquids inside through natural perspiration - no ice, power, or insulation needed. This unique chilling vessel can reduce the temperature of water by 18° F and features a secure seal cork cap and includes a press-fit portable glass on top. Sometimes an old-fashioned way ends up being the best way all along. Currently in development at and hopefully becomes a real product.


  • Terra cotta carafe that cools water through perspiration, without the need for power
  • Auto-cooling carafe inspired by the technology of the Botijo, a traditional Spanish water vessel
  • Cork cap for a secure seal
  • Press-fit glass provides a portable drinking vessel
  • Can reduce the temperature of water by 18° F

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