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Quirky Glide - Knife Blade Debris Cleaner

Quirky Glide - Knife Blade Debris Cleaner

The cool new Quirky Glide is an absolutely genius invention. Rather than swiping your finger down a super sharp knife to clear the blade of chopping debris and coating yourself in a practically permanent garlic essence, the sinister burning oils of a hot chili pepper, or something else that's probably best to avoid, just slide this handy grip to do it for you. Just attach this ergonomic grip to a knife blade before slicing, dicing, and chopping and when it's time to remove any accumulation, just slide it effortlessly with a single motion to clean. It's beyond simple and a slap yourself upside the head obvious solution.


  • Easily attaches to any knife blade
  • Cleans debris from both sides of the blade with a single motion
  • Ergonomic grip provides maximum security and comfort
  • Compactness allows for easy storage on a knife
  • Materials: Thermoplastic elastomer

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