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Brown Paper Bag - Insulated and Reusable Lunch Bag

Brown Paper Bag - Insulated and Reusable Lunch Bag

Brown Paper Bag - Insulated and Reusable Lunch Bag

Although iconic, the brown paper bag really isn't the best way to transport your lunch to school or work everyday. When the bottom isn't tearing and dropping everything out along the way or letting leaks easily pass through, it tends to ensure that your food is at a disgusting temperature hours later. Well, when you pack your lunch inside this cool new Insulated and Reusable Brown Paper Bag you can have your food and eat it too. This unique, modern upgrade of the simple brown paper bag looks just like the real thing, except that it's made from tough tear-proof, leak-resistant, and insulating Tyvek with a magnetic roll top flap on the top to help keep your hot or chilled lunch fresh and secure. It's endlessly reusable too, so it pays for itself when you stop crumbling up and tossing out (recycling) the old-fashioned paper ones.

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  • Made from Tyvek - A Tear-proof, leak-resistant, tough and insulating material
  • Magnetic roll top flap shuts tight to prevent heat loss
  • Lightweight, sturdy and durable
  • Won't split in the rain or let its contents fall out of the bottom

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