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Cherry Chomper Cherry Pitter

Cherry Chomper Cherry Pitter

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I bought some fresh cherries the other day, but completely forgot they have those troublesome rock hard pits inside. I didn't feel like chewing around them and spitting, so I decided to search for an ideal cherry pitting solution and discovered this cool new Cherry Chomper Cherry Pitter.

The Cherry Chomper Cherry Pitter is a fun little contraption that pits both cherries and olives quickly, safely and 100% mess free. Just pop a cherry or olive into the happy little Cherry Chomper's mouth, push down on its head and a plunger easily pushes the pit and juice spray down into a container below. It features a kid-friendly protective "tooth" to keep hands and fingers safe and is simple to clean up, just toss in the dishwasher after your cherry snacking feast.

Has there been any progress on simply growing pitless cherries yet?

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