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Gourmac Onion Saver

Gourmac Onion Saver

Gourmac Onion Saver

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I love onions, but there's no good place to keep the leftovers once they've been sliced. The cool new Gourmac Onion Saver is the ultimate way to store your sliced onions. This airtight onion-shaped container not only keeps them fresh and moist, but also traps their strong odors from escaping into the fridge. Depending on your favorite onion preference, it comes in either purple or tan, won't easily get lost or forgotten in the back of the fridge and sure beats wasting sandwich bags over and over again. I think it's funny.


  • Keeps onions fresh and moist
  • Traps odors to keep your refrigerator smelling fresh
  • Never lose or forget onions in the fridge again
  • Made of plastic - 2 sides attach by twist lock
  • Airtight and dishwasher safe
  • 2 Colors: Purple or Tan

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