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Table Topics - Conversation Starter Cards

Table Topics - Conversation Starter Cards

Table Topics - Conversation Starter Cards

Are you sick and tired of getting stuck in endless conversations and verbal battles about Obama, the economy, Obama, the environment, Obama, the war, Obama, unemployment, Obama, toss in some ranting Bush blame and then go on to more Obama, Obama, Obama. Enough! Enough! Enough! There simply has to be something else to talk about - there just must be something. If we are going to survive as a human race, we must somehow let our minds expand and learn to discuss new. The world is truly in desperate need of these cool new Table Topics - Conversation Starter Cards!

Inside each Table Topics acrylic cube are 135 question cards filled with thought provoking topics and engaging questions that jumpstart conversations, expand the usual small talk, help break the ice, avoid family arguments, elminate uncomfortable silences, spice up dinner table chat and more. Depending on your situation, there is the Original Table Topics for a general gathering or there are also specialty Table Topics cards for Couples, Right or Wrong, Family Gathering, Family, Teen, Book Club, Girls Night Out, Gourmet and Spirit. These cards are a great way to discover something new about our friends, family, neighbors, enemies, the unknown masses and even ourselves.

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