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Japanese Sake Box Cachepots

Japanese Sake Box Cachepots

Japanese Sake Box Cachepots

If you're a regular imbiber of Japanese sake, then you've probably had an opportunity to drank it from a Masu Sake Cup. This wooden, box-like cup is traditionally placed on a saucer, filled up with sake until it overflows and then sipped from one of the four corners. It may seem a bit strange at first, but it all makes sense after a few rounds of this intoxicating strong brew puts you down for the count. After you swear off sake permanently, the Masu boxes make excellent little planters!

Japanese Sake Box Cachepots are decorative cachepots designed after traditional wooden Japanese sake boxes and crafted from Northern Chinese Pine. They make perfect planters for bonsai trees, bamboo and other flowers and herbs and will definitely bring some uplifting natural zen to your office desktop.

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  • Designed after a traditional Japanese sake box
  • Crafted from Northern Chinese Pine
  • An excellent complement to succulents and bonsai
  • Display in multiples to create a dramatic effect
  • 2 Sizes: 3" and 4.5"

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