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Franken Stein - The Ultimate Stein!

Franken Stein - The Ultimate Stein!

Franken Stein - The Ultimate Stein!

The ultimate stein for holding your favorite brew this Halloween is, of course, the Franken Stein! Yes, since Igor forgot the brain, there's plenty of room inside his monster-sized ceramic head for any kind of bubbling spiked beverage concoction you stirred up in your mad scientist lab/bar.

I would be extra careful during those deadly October thunderstorms though and keep this hideous creature mug indoors. If lightning should ever strike it, you just may have to gather with the villagers all night, armed with torches and pitchforks, trying to stop it. That's always a buzz kill.

Also if you are into unstoppable Egyptian tomb dwelling creatures, be sure to check out the creepy Mummy Stein as well!

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