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Garden Groom - World's Only Cut & Collect Safety Hedge Trimmer

Garden Groom - World's Only Cut & Collect Safety Hedge Trimmer

Who likes trimming bushes and hedges? Nobody right? Why? Because it's dangerous and there's the hassle of cleaning up all the clippings when we're done. Traditional powered hedge trimmers have exposed blades that can cut you, the power cord or both and leave behind a mess of clippings that are usually full of thorns. Well, I found a new product that virtually eliminates these kinds of problems. Check out the Garden Groom, the world's only cut and collect safety hedge trimmer.

The Garden Groom is a lightweight hedge trimmer that cuts, shreds, and deposits trimmings into a unique collection unit. It comes with a concealed blade that safely spins at 2400 RPMs to shred clippings down to 10:1, which are then collected in the built-in receptacle. I have no idea why one ever thought to design a trimmer that collected the clippings before, but this thing makes perfect sense to me. Check out the video section to see the Garden Groom in action!

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