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Aquatic Pod Suite

Aquatic Pod Suite

Aquatic Pod Suite

Do you have money to burn? You could put that fire out by splashing around on your very own Aquatic Pod Suite. This 150 square-foot self-contained floating circular suite has everything you'll ever need for a great day out on the water, living out your life permanently or becoming a James Bond villain.



  • Central air conditioning system, desalination unit, mini-bar, audio-video system with a Bose?stereo, king-size bed, toilet and shower
  • Panoramic views above and below the surface of the water
  • Underwater beam light illumination
  • 6.6 foot wide floating terrace
  • 2.5kva diesel generator with exhaust silencer produces 220-volt power to supply all necessary electricity
  • Interior headroom: 7 1/3' H. - Diameter: 28 1/2' Diameter (including the floating terrace) - Overall Weight: 5,500 lbs., including ballast
  • Guaranteed for Life!

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