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LEGO Mona Lisa Painting - 1,503 Pieces!

LEGO Mona Lisa Painting - 1,503 Pieces!

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1503 is not only the year that Leonardo da Vinci began painting the most famous portrait in the world, the Mona Lisa, it's also the exact number of pieces in this cool new yet quite 16th century-inspired LEGO Mona Lisa Painting. This challenging LEGO building kit for art loving adults lets you skip a trip to the Louvre in Paris and admire this work of art on the wall of your very own home. This version of the Mona Lisa features a bluer hue that is closer to what the painting looked live over 500 years ago, is designed to be wall-mounted on its detachable gold-colored frame, has eyes that can be swapped out with blank pieces for a more abstract appearance, and includes a QR code to scan and listen to a special soundtrack about the painting. It's also much easier to clean off if you become a total loser protestor and decide that it's a good idea to throw orange soup at it.

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Art Gallery Work Of Art Photo Frame
This fun metal frame puts your photo on display to an audience of little silhouettes of people that are seemingly observing it like it's hung on the wall of an art gallery or museum.
Cucu - Minimalist Cuckoo Clock
This minimalist cuckoo clock from Japan has a very simple and natural ash wood design with a traditional analog clock face on the front and an opening for the little cuckoo bird to emerge from every hour on the top. Instead of just blurting out a loud and irritating *Cuckoo* each hour, this one does so along with the soft and soothing sounds of a babbling brook
Ice Cream Cone Wall Sconce Lighting Fixtures
Illuminate your home, children's bedroom or playroom, or ice cream shop with giant whimsical ice cream cones hanging along the wall.
Cardboard Whale Tail
Made from laser cut recycled cardboard, this sculptural whale tail wall art assembles kind of like a 3D puzzle using interconnected slotted construction.
Giant 4-in-a-Row Wall Game / Decorative Dot Pattern Wall Art
This vertical wall-mounted game combines the classic 4-in-a-row board game with decorative dot wall art that's perfect for the home, office, pub, or classroom.
Boo's Place - 8-Bit Repurposed Painting
This repurposed painting is juxtaposed with little 8-bit video game Boo ghosts from the Super Mario games on top to make it truly avant-garde. Hilarious yet evocative.
Giant Great White Shark Trophy Head Sculpture
This enormous faux great white shark trophy head with its ferocious jaws agape is made from designer resin and finished with realistic UV-resistant hues.
Huge Rustic Clothespins
These cool new Huge Rustic Clothespins hang on your wall, not your clothesline (unless you're drying clothes for a fairy tale giant), and are perfect for decoratively holding up towels, photos, drawings, notes, magazines, or whatever you'd like.
Wall-Mounted Digital Arcade Game Board - 800 Classic Video Games!
A wall-mounted arcade machine that's pre-loaded with over 800 classic games and hangs on your wall like framed artwork so it doesn't take up much space.

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LEGO Mona Lisa Painting - 1,503 Pieces!
This cool new Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Kite not only lets you go fly a kite, it also lets you take total command of the skies... unless it gets shot down by a real F-35 Lightning II swooping in, of course.
LEGO Mona Lisa Painting - 1,503 Pieces!
This mighty LEGO All-Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT) really walks forward or backward and is ready to crush the Rebel Alliance at your command!
LEGO Mona Lisa Painting - 1,503 Pieces!
When stacked together, this set of 6 retro 1980s inspired coasters form a Rubik's Cube.
LEGO Mona Lisa Painting - 1,503 Pieces!
Take down a rushing dingo at 50 meters using a traditional, hand-painted boomerang. Each piece hand-painted with a folk design by an Aboriginal artist. No two the same; each an individual work of art.
LEGO Mona Lisa Painting - 1,503 Pieces!
Includes everything you need, minus water, to quickly and easily set up an ice rink right in your very own backyard or on almost any hard or soft surface like driveways, pavement, tennis or basketball courts, frozen ground, or even soft grass.
LEGO Mona Lisa Painting - 1,503 Pieces!
It may look like a regular game of Checkers, but in addition to cunning strategy and ruthless tactics, you'll also need a bit of luck to get past the addition of trapdoors that can steal your pieces!
LEGO Mona Lisa Painting - 1,503 Pieces!
With this amount of Silly Putty you could roll out a massive bouncy ball, stretch it out across a room or stick it over an entire comics section of a newspaper to pick up the print. Unfortunately, this level of bulk retro fun means it comes in a box, not a giant plastic egg.
LEGO Mona Lisa Painting - 1,503 Pieces!
A cute little white plastic brick with a face made of LEDs. The tiny microphone in the base picks up sounds in the room, whether it's music, or your loudmouth boss, and makes his mouth move in time. It's like he's lip synching to the song!
LEGO Mona Lisa Painting - 1,503 Pieces!
When you want to tie a room together or just cuddle up in the embrace of a massive eight-armed invertebrate, you can't go wrong with Alfred the Giant Octopus.

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