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Ellipse Freestanding Hanging Planter Stand

Ellipse Freestanding Hanging Planter Stand

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If you want to hang up a plant or flower basket this spring, but don't have a good spot to suspend it, then check out this cool new Ellipse Adjustable Basket Hanger from Grandin Road. This freestanding, adjustable height hanging planter stand allows you to hang up plants and flowers anywhere you wish. It's made from aluminum, has a top oval loop to hang a basket, three support poles to choose a perfect height up to 5 feet tall, and a hefty pedestal base to prevent tipping in the wind. It's also great for hanging up a bird feeder as well. Available in bronze or copper-plated finishes.

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Ellipse Freestanding Hanging Planter Stand
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Ellipse Freestanding Hanging Planter Stand
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Ellipse Freestanding Hanging Planter Stand
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Ellipse Freestanding Hanging Planter Stand
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Ellipse Freestanding Hanging Planter Stand
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Ellipse Freestanding Hanging Planter Stand
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Ellipse Freestanding Hanging Planter Stand
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Ellipse Freestanding Hanging Planter Stand
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Ellipse Freestanding Hanging Planter Stand
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