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The Shocking Truth Game

The Shocking Truth Game

The Shocking Truth Game

If you love trivia games, but wish they were way more exciting... and anxiety-inducing, then gather your friends around this cool new Shocking Truth Game and pray you answer the questions correctly. This electrifying trivia game involves sticking your finger into an electric shock buzzer and answering up to 400 general knowledge questions. If you answer the question correctly, you're safe, but get it wrong and you risk a shocking finger electrocution. Good luck. ⚡️

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  • General knowledge quiz game
  • Players must answer the questions correctly to win the game and avoid getting a cattle prod to the finger
  • Stay safe from mild electrocution with correct answers
  • A battle of brains and nerves
  • 400x questions
  • 1x electric shock buzzer
  • 6x game pieces
  • 1x dice
  • 20x life tokens
  • 8x shock tokens
  • Instruction booklet

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