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Nepia Luxury Tissues From Japan

Nepia Luxury Tissues From Japan

Nepia Luxury Tissues From Japan

Stop blowing your nose into cheap, rough tissues and upgrade the experience into something more soothing, gentle, and luxurious with these cool new Nepia Luxury Tissues from Japan. These ultra premium triple sheeted tissues are finely crafted from 100% fresh pulp that has never been processed into paper and a natural, plant-derived moisturizing ingredient known as squalane is added for the perfect amount of comfort. If you've never gotten compliments on your tissues before, now you just might.

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  • Give your nose the VIP treatment it deserves with these Nepia Hana Nose Celeb Premium Luxury Tissues
  • A boxes of tissues so gentle that even a rabbit and its delicate nose will love them
  • Triple-sheeted tissues finely crafted with fresh quality pulp that uses a special cream that doesn't dry out
  • Retains just the right degree of moisture for comfortable use each time
  • High-quality Japanese tissues
  • 6 boxes of luxury tissues
  • Ideal for delicate noses
  • 130 tissues per box (triple sheets)
  • 100% fresh pulp
  • No fluorescent dye
  • Made in Japan

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