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Godzilla vs Kong Tiki Mugs

Godzilla vs Kong Tiki Mugs

Godzilla vs Kong Tiki Mugs

As we all place our bets on who will stand victorious in the ultimate showdown of Godzilla (The King of the Monsters) versus King Kong (The Eighth Wonder of the World), we might as well enjoy a cocktail or two during the fight served up in these cool new Godzilla vs Kong Tiki Mugs from Mondo. These monstrous stoneware tiki mugs are the perfect way to show your support of Team Godzilla (Atomic Breath Cocktail) or Team Kong (Banana Breath Cocktail). Each tiki mug is available in regular matte black and there are two variant editions: King Kong Skull Island or Godzilla Heat Ray. Personally, I'm hoping Mechagodzilla shows up in the end and annihilates both of them to set up the ultimate crossover sequel... Cloverfield vs Mechagodzilla vs Transformers!

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  • Godzilla Artist: Hector Arce
  • King Kong Artists: Mike Bonanno, Tiki Farm, Tufan Sezer
  • Godzilla tiki mug: Matte Black or Heat Ray blue variant
  • King Kong tiki mug: Matte Black or Skull Island variant
  • These mugs are handmade, making each one unique, so slight variations from images shown may occur
  • Materials: Stoneware Ceramic
  • Godzilla Capacity: 26 oz
  • King Kong Capacity: 20 oz
  • Godzilla Size: 7.5" T - 1 lb 5.3 oz
  • King Kong Size: 6 7/8" T - 1 lb

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