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Felted Wool Pebble Rugs

Felted Wool Pebble Rugs

Felted Wool Pebble Rugs

Add a touch of nature and a splash of zen to your home's decor with these cool new Felted Wool Pebble Rugs. At first glance these unique rugs may appear to be made from a collection of smooth natural river stones, but upon closer inspection each stone is crafted from 100% wool. Available in either round or rectangle shapes.

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  • Woolen pebble rugs combine the beauty of natural riverstone and the luxurious warmth of authentic wool
  • Every individual stone is felted using 100% wool in India
  • When they are all assembled together is a truly unique piece of decor
  • Ideal for any room in the home
  • Size Rectangle: 24" L x 36" W x 2" H
  • Size Round: 36" Diameter x 2" H

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