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Robot Tea Infuser

Robot Tea Infuser

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Although I would prefer an actual state-of-the-art robot assistant to make my tea and deliver it to me personally whenever I desire, the cool new Robot Tea Infuser is like the tenth best alternative. This unique stainless steel tea infuser is shaped like the robot we wish would make the tea for us automatically. Just load up the robot's chest compartment with your favorite loose leaf tea, adjust its arms and clamp hands to hang onto the edge of your mug and pour in hot water. The submerged bot will then steep your tea until you decide to manually yank it from the brew and place on the included drip tray until you're ready for another cup. Seriously, this is kinda fun as far as tea infusers go, but this is the 21st century and it's time for robots to, at the very least, be making hot beverages and serving them by now.

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