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Cool Touch Microwave Bowl

Cool Touch Microwave Bowl

Cool Touch Microwave Bowl

Don't you hate it when you reheat something in the microwave and the bowl comes out scorching hot... and the food not? Well, stop burning your hands and just use this cool new Cool Touch Microwave Bowl. This innovative bowl allows you to heat and eat from the same bowl, minus the blistering pain. It features an inner ceramic bowl that evenly heats your food, nestled within an insulated plastic bowl that remains cool to the touch and a large, convenient handle to comfortably hold the entire bowl with one hand. It even comes with a sturdy vented lid that prevents splatters in the microwave and can be snapped on afterward for refrigerator storage of your leftovers. Perfect for soup, spaghetti, stews, mac 'n cheese, oatmeal, and more!

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