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Double Dish Snack Bowl

Double Dish Snack Bowl

Double Dish Snack Bowl

When you serve nuts, candy, cherries, olives, edamame and other appetizers, use this cool new Double Dish Snack Bowl to also collect all the shells, wrappers, pits, pods and toothpicks as well. This unique snack bowl features two bowls in one, with a serving bowl on top and a waste receptacle bowl on the bottom. Ingenious solution!

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  • Place food in top dish and place waste underneath - out of sight and out of the way
  • Perfect for serving shelled nuts, olives, candy and edamame beans
  • Removable top dish sits in larger bottom dish with 3 wide, open lips
  • Allows you to hide shells and pits out of sight and out of the way
  • Can also be used as two separate dishes
  • Made of durable melamine - dishwasher safe
  • Size: 7" x 6.8" x 3"

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