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Vampire Blood Fountain

Vampire Blood Fountain

Vampire Blood Fountain

I think it's time vampires were vampires again and that means demonic undead creatures, some very suave, who rise from their coffins at night with an insatiable craving for human blood. Well, that's what you get when you display this cool new and absolutely disturbing Vampire Fountain. This horrific fountain depicts a bloodsucking vampire holding the decapitated head of his victim with blood gushing out of his fanged mouth, down his shirt and into a recirculating basin hidden in his lap. Don't worry about putting a stake through his heart, it's only water enhanced with a little optional food-coloring. It's the perfect decorative touch around Halloween, but since there seems to be no end to vampire love anytime soon, it's fitting year round.

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  • Emits a stream of blood from its fanged mouth while clutching a recently decapitated head
  • Internal pump continuously circulates ordinary water, colored with red food coloring
  • Blood flows from mouth, down shirt, and into a basin hidden in his lap
  • Deep facial furrows, striking pallor, and demonic, piercing red eyes
  • Crafted from resin
  • Size: 27.75" H x 17" W x 12" D - 25 1/3 lb

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