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Lawn Stryper - Pattern Your Lawn Like The Pros

Lawn Stryper - Pattern Your Lawn Like The Pros

Lawn Stryper - Pattern Your Lawn Like The Pros

Have you ever wondered how the groundskeepers at major league ballparks and golf courses create those striped patterns on the grass? While they mow, they use weighted rollers to bend the blades of grass down in different directions until the pattern is achieved. Well, now you can easily duplicate this unique effect on your own lawn too, with the cool new Lawn Stryper.

The Lawn Stryper attaches to most walk-behind, self-propelled and push-type lawn mowers and lets you easily and safely create patterns on your lawn just like the professionals do. As you cut, the roller bends the grass down so that light reflects differently off the blades of grass to produce the patterning effect. Grass that is bent towards you will appear darker than grass that is bent away. To use, just hook the device to your mower, choose your pattern from straight, wave, circle, checkerboard, and more, plan your route and mow away. In the end, you'll have a stunning lawn that will not only make all your neighbor's green with envy, but it just might attract ghosts of former baseball legends that need a field to play in. If you mow it, they will come...

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  • Great way to achieve that perfect, patterned law
  • Easily attaches to existing residential walk behind, self-propelled and push lawn mowers
  • Adjustable in height, width and angle to match up with your lawn mower
  • Designed to work with or without bagging systems
  • Three custom colors (green, red and black)
  • Includes full color patterning guide which offers up tips and patterns

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