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Molinillo - Ancient Mexican Hot Chocolate Frother

Molinillo - Ancient Mexican Hot Chocolate Frother

Molinillo - Ancient Mexican Hot Chocolate Frother

Your utensils and cooking gadgets drawer in your kitchen may have many unique and interesting contraptions, but it probably doesn't have an ancient Molinillo. A Molinillo is a one-of-a-kind handcarved wooden hot chocolate frother from Mexico that is designed to create rich, frothy hot chocolate from scratch.

To make a delicious pot of authentic Mexican hot chocolate, simply find and add real cacao seeds to hot milk and twist the slender handle of the Molinillo between your palms. The smooth pestle bottom of the molinillo softens and grinds the chocolate down as it dissolves in the hot milk and the loose rings whip in air to give it a frothy top.

I think this retro utensil is meant more for making huge batches of hot cocoa rather than a single cup in the evening, but it would still make an interesting gift. I do wonder how hot chocolate that is handmade and hand ground from actual cacao seeds stands up to the store bought version. I imagine it's an entiely different taste and I would really love to test this thing out.


  • Designed to create rich, frothy pots of hot chocolate from scratch
  • Hand carved from solid wood and burned slightly for darker shades
  • Slender handle makes it easy to twist between your palms
  • Smooth pestle bottom softens and grinds chocolate as it dissolves in hot milk
  • Loose rings aid in whipping air into hot chocolate and eventually results in frothy top
  • Made in Mexico - Each is one-of-a-kind and will vary
  • Hand wash recommended. Darkens with use. Includes instructions
  • Size: 13" L

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