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Ultimate Coffee Cups - The Coffee Cups of the Future

Ultimate Coffee Cups - The Coffee Cups of the Future

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Artist David Pier designed one of the coolest and most revolutionary coffee cups ever devised with the original 12oz Ultimate Coffee Cup. He is now offering an equally cool, yet smaller 8oz Ultimate Coffee Cup as well.

I have the original 12oz Ultimate Coffee Cup and a set of the new smaller cups and I can honestly say that these cups are amazing. Not only do they have a stunning modern design and a perfect grip ergonomic handle, they also include these unique curved saucers that double as heat-retaining lids and allow the cups to be stacked one on top of the other. These amazing cups are made from the finest translucent high-fire vitreous porcelain, feature superior ergonomics, are lead free and are microwave and dishwasher safe.

I never received compliments or questions about a coffee cup until I unveiled my Ultimate Coffee Cup, so expect yours to garner plenty of attention around the office as well. I prefer the larger 12oz version, because I enjoy drinking plenty of tea coffee throughout the day, but with either version you choose, you will have definitely chosen the coffee cup of the future and the last coffee cup you will ever buy! It's truly a work of art as far as coffee cups go.

Check out the Videos section to see my 12oz Ultimate Coffee Cup in action, while learning how to make Ancient Blooming Tea!

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