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NatureMill Plus - Automatic Kitchen Composter

NatureMill Plus - Automatic Kitchen Composter

NatureMill Plus - Automatic Kitchen Composter

Turn fruits, vegetables, egg shells, coffee grounds, grains and more into fresh nutrient-rich organic fertilizer in only two weeks with the cool new NatureMill Plus - Automatic Kitchen Composter. Unlike the those big complicated outdoor compost bins, this unique indoor/outdoor compact unit is simple to use and fully automatic.

Simply toss in all your food scraps and other compatible organic waste at any time, any day, up to 120 lbs per month! The unit mixes the waste every four hours until it is completely ground down into small particles. Then it is heated and aerated for 3-5 days for finishing before being dropped down into the bottom chamber. Don't worry about odors, because it's completely sealed, features continuous air flow, uses a powerful carbon filter and is made of antibacterial plastic.

I predict that automatic compact composters like this NatureMill Plus will be just as common in homes in the future as the recycle bin or garbage can. Just imagine how much food waste you have tossed in the garbage so far in your lifetime. Now multiply that by nearly every human on the planet - EVER! Scary.

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  • Made of Antibacterial Plastic
  • Fully automatic and odor free . Continuous air flow and a powerful carbon filter remove odors
  • The unit is completely sealed
  • Indoor or outdoor use, even in cold weather, rain, or snow
  • Add food waste any time, any day, up to 120 lbs per month
  • Waste items are processed continuously, mixing every 4 hours, until they are completely ground down to small particles
  • Compost is ready every 2 weeks
  • A red light will tell you when to empty the machine
  • Just open the door and remove the compost
  • 20" H x 12" W x 20" D

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