ALFI Cool Bottle

ALFI Cool Bottle

The ALFI Cool Bottle is probably the coolest carafe for drinks I have ever seen. The body is made from white frosted translucent plastic and the interior is made from double-walled non-reflecting vacuum glass. When a liquid is inside, it creates an illusion of a cool inside-out look. It's ideal for cold drinks, has a great extra large 360° opening on top for easy pouring and filling and comes in a variety of colors, including Water Blue, Milky White, Cherry Red, Lemon Yellow, Orange. I'm really liking that water blue version. Very cool.


  • Design: Ole Palsby.
  • Body made of white translucent plastic.
  • Ideal for cold drinks.
  • Double-walled nonreflecting vacuum glass to make the contents easily visible.
  • Extra -large, all-around pouring opening.
  • Colors: Water Blue, Milky White, Cherry Red, Lemon Yellow, Orange

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