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Sugar Please - Automatic Sugar Dispenser

Sugar Please - Automatic Sugar Dispenser

Sugar Please - Automatic Sugar Dispenser

I usually don't take cream and sugar with my coffee, but everyone else I know seems too and I'm tired of the complaining that I never have it all out and ready for them. So instead of just telling them to leave and go find free coffee elsewhere, I decided to find a solution for these crazy cream and sugar lovers.

The Sugar Please - Automatic Sugar Dispenser is the perfect remedy. Simply fill the dispenser with sugar or powdered coffee creamer and it's ready to go. Just push the button and it automatically dispenses the equivalent of 1 sugar packet or twice to equal one standard sugar cube. What I really like is how it keeps the sugar clean & fresh and the stylish acrylic and brushed chrome dispenser looks nice enough to sit out on the kitchen counter. If you buy two you could have one for cream, one for sugar and zero complaining.

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  • Quick, mess-free way to sweeten coffee, tea & cereal
  • Holds 1/4 pound of crystal or powdered sugar
  • Dispenses equivalent of 1 sugar packet
  • Can dispense powdered creamer too
  • Clear acrylic & brushed chrome accents
  • Not recommended for raw sugar and Splenda.
  • 2.25"x 7.5"

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