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Themeaddicts Talking Magic Mirror

Themeaddicts Talking Magic Mirror

Themeaddicts Talking Magic Mirror

Who doesn't want a talking magic mirror in their house, just like in the fairy tales? Well now you can, because a new company started by a team of theme park attraction and feature film special effects professionals called Themeaddicts, Inc. is about to make your wish come true.

The Magic Message Mirror looks like an ordinary mirror, but it's actually an LCD monitor, er portrait, that is integrated into your home security and automation networks. When the mirror is triggered by one of the home system sensors around the house, it activates the English butler "Basil of the Mirror" right on the mirror. He pops up theatrically and provides various announcements and alerts like there are people in your yard, someone is at the door or even that your hottub is now hot enough. If you have video cameras hooked to your security system, the mirror will automatically pull in the live feed as well. Now, what if you don't like Basil of the Mirror? Well, you can have Themeaddicts create a personalized character of your very own, for example: The Green Head, for an additional fee.

Wouldn't this thing be awesome hanging over the fireplace or on the wall right when you walk in the house? I'd love to see technology like this taken even further one day, where you could ask the mirror questions and it would be integrated with the Internet to find answers or just a cool AI companion to talk with when you're bored. Until then, I will welcome knowing that I left the garage door open.

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