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Recessed Television Mirror

Recessed Television Mirror

Recessed Television Mirror

When you're shaving, brushing your teeth or sitting on the mug in the morning, wouldn't it be great to be able to watch television as well, right inside your mirror? With the new Séura Recessed Television Mirror you can! This mirror is just like any ordinary mirror, except this mirror has an integrated LCD television built right in! When it's turned off, the television completely disappears and offers full reflection. All barbershops need to install these mirrors immediately!

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  • Brings image and sound into a variety of spaces with an LCD television cleverly incorporated into a sophisticated, finely-crafted mirror.
  • No clutter, no disruption -- disguising a high-end television visible with the touch of a fingertip.
  • Patented breakthrough in technology.
  • Transmits a high-quality LCD picture for exceptional television viewing.
  • Can fully integrate with cable, satellite, antenna, external sound systems and DVD players.
  • Has standard A/V inputs and outputs that enable use with a variety of external systems.

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