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HEXCUP - Reusable Hexagonal Beer Pong Cup Set

HEXCUP - Reusable Hexagonal Beer Pong Cup Set

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If you want to take your amateur beer pong playing to a more professional level of drinking gamesmanship and speed up the game at the same time, then recycle those cheap, disposable red party cups and upgrade to these cool new HEXCUPs. This innovative party pong set includes 22 reusable honeycomb-inspired hexagonal cups that re-rack in a quarter of the time, eliminate gaps, and are designed not to float off on wet surfaces and 3 ping pong balls (2 white balls and 1 red "On Fire" ball) as well. Hmm, the hexagon-shaped cups also look really cool, so I guess you could just drink beer out them too when not playing if you sip from the corners. Cheap beer not included.

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These unique disposable shot glasses include an inner chamber that holds 1 oz of booze and a 2.75 oz outer chamber that holds another chaser beverage.
Surreal Sliced Beer Glasses
Do not adjust your beer goggles. These cool new Surreal Frosted Sliced Beer Glasses may seem to be sliding apart right before your eyes, but it's just an optical illusion.
Tabletop Wine Barrel Bottle Rack
A miniature version of a traditional wine barrel with a rack in the side that holds 7 bottles of your favorite vino.
Soleil Pool Float Beverage Tub
A large and luxurious floating pool tray with 4 cupholders, a center beverage tub to hold ice and drinks, and it's designed to stay evenly afloat.
Leprachaun Beer Tap Handle
The cool new Leprachaun Beer Tap Handle will surely bring you some good luck, probably steal your gold and maybe even pour you a pint of green beer this St. Patrick's Day.
Jack O' Lantern Stemless Wine Glasses
Unlike traditional pumpkins, these jack o' lantern wine glasses are stemless, have etched faces instead of carved, and made from clear, handblown glass instead of squishy seedy guts.
Homemade Gin Kit
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Upside-Down Wine Glass
Everyone else in the room will believe they're had one too many when they see you sipping wine from this cool new Upside-Down Wine Glass. Bottoms up! Literally.
Bathtub Champagne Chiller
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HEXCUP - Reusable Hexagonal Beer Pong Cup Set
Plan on staying home this holiday to have an old-fashioned family Christmas? Properly sip eggnog in a more sophisticated way from these Stoneware Moose Mugs.
HEXCUP - Reusable Hexagonal Beer Pong Cup Set
Resting on top of a delicate long stem is a cup that resembles a cheap plastic beer cup. Don't let the looks fool you though, this fun and unique stemware is made entirely of hand-blown glass.
HEXCUP - Reusable Hexagonal Beer Pong Cup Set
This set of four handcrafted ceramic coffee mugs have a unique rounded, bulbous shape that stack on top of one another atop an acacia wood base to create an almost modern sculptural piece for your countertop.
HEXCUP - Reusable Hexagonal Beer Pong Cup Set
These fun pint glasses each have three color-changing 8-bit video game hearts along the side that turn a deep red when filled up with a cold drink and then slowly fade away as it empties.
HEXCUP - Reusable Hexagonal Beer Pong Cup Set
Traditional 'rocks' in your whiskey will melt down and dilute the flavor, but this cool new Stone Whiskey Snifter is handmade from natural soapstone that can be chilled in the freezer beforehand to avoid this dilemma plaguing connoisseurs.
HEXCUP - Reusable Hexagonal Beer Pong Cup Set
Like one of those expandable camping cups, this convenient pop up stemware is designed to be highly portable and fit into your pocket, purse, or bag until you wander across a good wine to drink.
HEXCUP - Reusable Hexagonal Beer Pong Cup Set
Turns ordinary tap water into electrolyzed water to help remove teeth stains and plaque and inhibit the growth of bacteria AKA natural, disinfecting mouthwash.
HEXCUP - Reusable Hexagonal Beer Pong Cup Set
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HEXCUP - Reusable Hexagonal Beer Pong Cup Set
An elegant ceramic espresso cup that allows you to view the phases of the moon seemingly right inside the mug by scanning the QR code at the bottom with a smartphone and then interacting via augmented reality on the screen.

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