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Viski Smoked Cocktail Kit

Viski Smoked Cocktail Kit

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This cool new Viski Smoked Cocktail Kit lets home bartenders become budding home mixologists by infusing cocktails, whiskey, tequila, and other spirits with rich smoky flavor using a minimalist smoke rinse method. Just place one of the included sugar maple smoking pellets onto the glass smoking stand, light it for 30 seconds, and then blow it out to get it smoking. Then place the glass carafe upside down over the stand to collect all the smoke while you mix up your favorite cocktail. When ready, pour the cocktail or spirit into the carafe and swirl it around to infuse it with the wood smoke, pour it into a glass, garnish, and enjoy. The kit includes: 1 glass smoking stand, 1 glass infuser carafe, 1 silicone stopper, 20 wood pellets (enough for 50 cocktails), and a recipe booklet. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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These handmade rustic wine and liquor dispensers are crafted from sections of logs from a variety of trees harvested in Northern Ohio.
Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker
This unique cocktail shaker is nothing more than a traditional canning jar with a specialty screw on cocktail strainer and cap for a lid.
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Recycled 1800 Tequila Bottle Pendant Lamps
These unique pendant lamps are made from actual recycled 1800 Tequila bottles.
Prepara Ice Ball Tray
Makes four perfectly round 2 inch ice balls that can be made from water or juice and packed with mint leaves, fruit slices, herbs, and more.
Bombay Sapphire East Gin Wheel
This luxurious, lazy susan-inspired wheel holds everything you need to make a perfect gin and tonic cocktail, including a complimentary 1 liter bottle of the new Bombay Sapphire East that infuses two additional botanicals to the traditional ten, Thai lemongrass and Vietnamese Black Peppercorn.
The LED Lighted Ice Bucket
I've never owned an ice bucket, it's one of those products that you really don't need, but would like to have nontheless. If it's your time to finally indulge in that dream ice bucket, check out this cool one, the LED Lighted Ice Bucket.
One Minute Beverage Chiller
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Tovolo Sphere - Clear Ice System
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Viski Smoked Cocktail Kit
Keeps drinks like wine, juices, milk and more properly chilled without ever watering them down.
Viski Smoked Cocktail Kit
Creates the illusion that it's a stack of disposable cups, but it's actually made from hand-blown crystal clear borosilicate glass with a single real cup on top that acts as a lid!
Viski Smoked Cocktail Kit
This easy batch cocktail making kit includes a pitcher and 5 recipe rulers (4 drink recipes each) that use easy to follow ingredient markers.
Viski Smoked Cocktail Kit
This sleek and stylish glass carafe features an innovative stainless steel base with a freezable cooling disk inside that keeps drinks ice cold for a full four hours.
Viski Smoked Cocktail Kit
Unique and stylish terra-cotta carafe inspired by traditional Spanish water vessels called Botijos that naturally auto-cool liquids inside through natural perspiration - no ice, power, or insulation needed.
Viski Smoked Cocktail Kit
Just add ice into the side compartment of this elegant glass bottle and slowly enjoy ice cold wine, martinis, sake, juice or water.
Viski Smoked Cocktail Kit
This fun beverage pitcher is shaped like an oversized 64oz plastic red party cup that is double-wall insulated, has a convenient handle on the side for easy pouring, and is reusable unlike the disposable cups.
Viski Smoked Cocktail Kit
Make and serve iced tea in style with the cool new Eva Solo Iced Tea Maker.
Viski Smoked Cocktail Kit
Infuses water, iced tea, lemonade, cocktails, and more with flavorful fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices.

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