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HeatTrak Snow Melting Heated Walkway and Stair Mats

HeatTrak Snow Melting Heated Walkway and Stair Mats

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This winter, skip breaking your back shoveling walkways around your home and then slip on the ice later when you can simply flip a switch and watch the snow and ice safely melt away using these cool new HeatTrak Walkway and Stair Mats. These handy snow melting heated mats for walkways, stairs, and mats can be used independently or interconnected together to melt up to 2 inches of snow per hour down to -5 degrees F. A much, much cheaper solution than having heated walkways put in, safer for your back than shoveling, and won't cause damage to concrete like sprinkling calcium chloride pellets around. Up to 5 walkway mats, 15 stair mats, or any combination can be daisy-chained together to a 120-volt power unit (sold separately). Hmm, now all they need to make is a giant heated mat to cover the entire driveway next.

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HeatTrak Snow Melting Heated Walkway and Stair Mats
Want to look extra stylish clearing the ice and snow from your car this Winter?
HeatTrak Snow Melting Heated Walkway and Stair Mats
Hold this innovative round, cone-shaped ice scraper in your hand and push it around over your vehicle's windows to quickly remove snow and ice with total ease.
HeatTrak Snow Melting Heated Walkway and Stair Mats
A handy tool for evenly sprinkling de-icing salt on your home's walkways and driveway.
HeatTrak Snow Melting Heated Walkway and Stair Mats
This innovative umbrella has a handle that converts into case to seal rain water drips inside!
HeatTrak Snow Melting Heated Walkway and Stair Mats
These high-tech winter gloves feature ultra-thin stainless steel wires that heat up the full length of the fingers and the back of the hand up to a maximum temperature of 148.9 degrees F for 2 to 10 hours on a full charge.
HeatTrak Snow Melting Heated Walkway and Stair Mats
Gaze upon the liquid in this teardrop-shaped glass container and you may be able to predict the weather based on whether it's clear, cloudy, or crystalizing.
HeatTrak Snow Melting Heated Walkway and Stair Mats
A wearable waterproof and windproof stadium blanket designed to wrap up and keep your entire lower two-thirds warm and dry at sporting events, campsites, bonfires, concerts, hunting trips, picnics, potato sack races, and other outdoor events where it may cold and rainy.
HeatTrak Snow Melting Heated Walkway and Stair Mats
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HeatTrak Snow Melting Heated Walkway and Stair Mats
Galileo's unique thermometer is available in a durable and beautiful outdoor version for your porch, deck or patio.

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