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HeatTrak Snow Melting Heated Walkway and Stair Mats

HeatTrak Snow Melting Heated Walkway and Stair Mats

HeatTrak Snow Melting Heated Walkway and Stair Mats

This winter, skip breaking your back shoveling walkways around your home and then slip on the ice later when you can simply flip a switch and watch the snow and ice safely melt away using these cool new HeatTrak Walkway and Stair Mats. These handy snow melting heated mats for walkways, stairs, and mats can be used independently or interconnected together to melt up to 2 inches of snow per hour down to -5 degrees F. A much, much cheaper solution than having heated walkways put in, safer for your back than shoveling, and won't cause damage to concrete like sprinkling calcium chloride pellets around. Up to 5 walkway mats, 15 stair mats, or any combination can be daisy-chained together to a 120-volt power unit (sold separately). Hmm, now all they need to make is a giant heated mat to cover the entire driveway next.

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  • Keep your home walkways, stairs, and ramps safe and snow-free all winter long
  • No more Shoveling, No more Salting, and No more Slipping
  • Snow-melting walkway and stair mats for residential use
  • Electric heating mat melts snow on contact to prevent snow and ice accumulation on walkways around the home
  • Can be used independently or interconnected to other stair or walkway mats
  • Simple to use: Just lay it out, plug it in, and watch snow melt on contact
  • Made of customized thermoplastic material
  • Melts 2 inches of snow per hour - works effectively down to -5 degrees F
  • Designed to be left outside for the entire winter season
  • Watertight connector cables enable them to connect to additional mats
  • Connect up to 5 Residential Walkway Mats, 15 Residential Stair Mats, or any combination thereof to the power unit
  • Daisy-chained to one another using male/female power connectors
  • Mats can be used on most surfaces, including concrete, asphalt, stone, and wood decks

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