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Flitter Fly - Swirling Cat Tornado Toy

Flitter Fly - Swirling Cat Tornado Toy

Flitter Fly - Swirling Cat Tornado Toy

If your pampered lazy old cat needs some much needed exercise, then trigger their curiosity to hunt with this cool new Flitter Fly - Whirl and Catch Wind Toy. Sure to grab any feline's attention, this unique cat toy swirls around catnip-infused butterflies and feathers inside a bowl like a tornado and has an opening on top for them to try and claw at them inside or when they happen to blow out for a little chase and pounce fun. The gentle fan inside is totally cat-safe, generates a vortex at random speeds to maintain maximum interest, and lasts for intervals of 20 seconds per push of the button. Check out the video demo below to see it in action.

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  • Bowl that draws and rivets a cat’s attention with a spinning vortex of flying butterflies, feathers, and catnip
  • Gentle, cat-safe fan in the bowl’s center generates a circular air current at random speeds
  • Blows lightweight butterflies around the interior (and the included feathers into the air above the bowl) in an unpredictable whirling pattern
  • Includes 100% organic fresh catnip can be added to provide extended play periods
  • Each press of the tornado’s button tantalizes cats for intervals of 20 seconds
  • Size: 6.25" H x 7" Diameter - 8 oz

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