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ShotShell XL - Stainless Steel Whiskey Glass

ShotShell XL - Stainless Steel Whiskey Glass

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The cool new and extremely heavy-duty ShotShell XL from Made By Ammo is one of the most hardcore whiskey glasses ever constructed. It's machined from a solid piece of stainless steel round bar and features textured knurling for an easy grip when wet, weighs nearly a pound, holds 4.5 fluid ounces and is 100% dishwasher safe. You don't need to worry about watered down drinks from melting ice when you imbibe from a metal glass either. Just keep it chilled in the freezer in between rounds and when ready to consume, just pour in your favorite poison to quickly chill it down by about 20 degrees for nearly 20 minutes.

If shots are more your thing, Made By Ammo also makes equally cool Stainless Steel Shot Glasses as well.

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Stircicles - Freezable Stainless Steel Swizzle Sticks
Stainless steel swizzle sticks filled with innovative freezer gel that stir and chill your drinks in the same motion without diluting it.
Butterfly Knife Styled Bottle Opener
It may look like the infamous and typically outlawed Balisong AKA Butterfly Knife, except when you flip and fan it's rotating handles a convenient bottle opener emerges instead of a deadly blade.
GAMAGO Skull Ice Cube Mold
Silicone mold makes the perfect ice cube for chilling down your finest whiskey, a creepy crystal skull.
Soaring Football Martini Shaker
Get blitzed and add a little class to your next tailgating party with this cool new football-shaped martini shaker.
Maritime Drink Stirrers
These unique nautical drink stirrers are hand cast from an actual knotted rope that was coated in a ceramic glaze.
Dometic MoBar - The Ultimate Outdoor Mobile Bar Cart
This is the ultimate mobile bar cart for doing some serious entertaining outdoors in total luxurious style.
Double Walled Martini Glasses
They not only keep your martinis and other mixed drinks colder longer, they also seem to suspend the drinks for a unique modern look.
Magisso Black Terra Cotta Self-Cooling Beer Tumbler
This literally cool new Magisso Black Terra Cotta Self-Cooling Beer Tumbler stays naturally cold for hours after being soaked in water for just 90 seconds to start the cooling effect - no trip to the freezer required.
Viking Horn Whiskey Decanter Set
This epic horn-shaped glass whiskey decanter is the perfect centerpiece in a man cave, home bar, private executive office, or just brought out during epic feasts to celebrate victories and brutal conquerings.

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ShotShell XL - Stainless Steel Whiskey Glass
Nuclear waste barrel-inspired glasses hold 13 ounces of your favorite toxic concoction!
ShotShell XL - Stainless Steel Whiskey Glass
This double walled borosilicate glass tumbler has a Stormtrooper helmet shape on the inside that is based on the original mold created in 1976 by prop maker Andrew Ainsworth of Shepperton Design Studios.
ShotShell XL - Stainless Steel Whiskey Glass
Wouldn't the world be a better place if googly eyes were on everything?
ShotShell XL - Stainless Steel Whiskey Glass
This unique 16 oz pint glass is made from 100% food grade silicone that squishes, bends and is completely unbreakable!
ShotShell XL - Stainless Steel Whiskey Glass
This sporty beer mug lets you drink from a football, but don't worry about fumbling it because it also has double-walled insulated construction and a handle on the side.
ShotShell XL - Stainless Steel Whiskey Glass
Humpty Dumpty won't have a great fall when he sits safely upon this wall-shaped egg cup but he will get soft-boiled, cracked open, and eaten.
ShotShell XL - Stainless Steel Whiskey Glass
Unlike crushable, cracking plastic party cups, these near-perfect, stackable replicas are made from virtually unbreakable melamine that is strong enough to last a lifetime of beverage consumption and can take a serious beating in a game of beer pong!
ShotShell XL - Stainless Steel Whiskey Glass
Want to drink like our founding father's did? These period-accurate beer steins are handmade in the USA from pure, solid copper and hot-tinned on the inside.
ShotShell XL - Stainless Steel Whiskey Glass
Whether you want to drink wine or beer, now you can reach for the same glass.

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