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Cobwebs In A Can

Cobwebs In A Can

Cobwebs In A Can

This Halloween, now you can easily decorate with realistic spider webs simply by spraying them from this cool new Cobwebs In A Can. This can contains 12 oz of aerosol webbing, just spray anywhere to create authentic off-white and stringy webs. It's perfect for adding quick creepy accents to your haunted house, for pulling off funny pranks around the office or as part of a killer Spider-Man costume.

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  • 12-ounce can of aerosol webbing
  • Convenient and realistic way to create authentic looking spider webs
  • Add web accents to tabletop displays, graveyard scenes and more
  • Cured product is off-white and stringy, just like the real thing
  • Material is non-flammable

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