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Stomach Sleepers Pillow

Stomach Sleepers Pillow

Stomach Sleepers Pillow

The Stomach Sleepers Pillow is a low-profile pillow for those of you who sleep on your stomachs. This pillow is only 3 inches high and helps to alleviate the back and neck pain associated with sleeping on standard pillows. I guess we all sleep differently and there should be a pillow for all positions, but I usually wake up upside-down, half on the bed and half on the floor with a blanket wrapped around my head... No pillow for that position yet.



  • 3" High - Half the thickness of standard pillows
  • Hypoallergenic foam fill
  • Gussetted panels are trimmed with micro-suede for support and loft
  • Covered in a polycotton woven case
  • 20" L x 28" W x 3" H

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