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Succulent Living Wreath

Succulent Living Wreath

Succulent Living Wreath

Succulents are cool water-conserving plants that store water in their leaves and grow in arid climates where the temperatures are usually hot and there's very little water. So from the desert to the doorway comes the very cool Succulent Living Wreath. A traditional holiday wreath barely lasts through the month, but a succulent wreath can live, remember it is still alive, a long time if properly cared for. Proper care generally means, lots and lots of sun and minimal watering every six to eight weeks. This eco-friendly, hand-assembled water-saving wreath features five groups of green-gray, burgundy and silver succulents including crassia, lichen and other compatible varieties. Of course, if you live in cold, snowy climates you can bring the succulent wreath indoors where it will make an enchanting centerpiece. Very cool as far as wreaths go.

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